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  • Kosra

    *History* Until just a century ago, Kosra was merely a small coastal duchy that was frequently traded between neighboring powers in their struggle for dominance. But in W. 284, a local noble came to power in Kosra, who quickly modernized the Kosran army …

  • il Nyordich

    il Nyordich is a continent far to the north of The Nontinent and the homeland of the Nyords. Extremely little is known about il Nyordich, as no one from the continent has ever travelled there.

  • Southern Continent

    The Southern Continent is a largely unexplored and yet unnamed continent to the southeast of The Continent. Rumors of its existence have dated back roughly 600 years, but Nyord naval supremacy left the continental kingdoms unable to explore. Its existence …

  • The Continent

    The Continent is the largest known continent, home to many kingdoms and peoples.