For more than a millennia, the Continent was torn between the Nyord Empire, who sailed from their home of il Nyordich in massive cityships built for conquest, and the Elven Federation, who, with their Dwarven allies, reached out from their home of the Etha’ir Forest to protect the continent from the Nyords.

Then, 400 years ago, the Nyords left.

No one is sure why- but in the ensuing chaos, new kingdoms emerged, and war spread across the land. Only now, four centuries later, some semblance of peace has returned. However, tension is brewing. An uneasy peace has fell over the Arrin Vale, but lawlessness reigns, and the surrounding kingdoms posture to seize the Vale. Kosra has ruled over the kingdoms or Virgos and Benidel for a century now, but the tyranny of Yhon IV “the Drought” has reignited the sparks of revolution. Even worse, it’s rumored that something has begun crossing the border from the Taln, a land that was once the Continental Nyord capital, but has been uncivilized since the Withdrawal.

Now is the time for adventurers.